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Where's our equal pay? Where's our right to abortion access? Where's our access to contraception? Where's our rights for sexual assault victims?

Women’s access to fair pay, contraception, and abortion are at stake across the US. Rad Campaign commissioned a poll, conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies, to reach out to a diverse range of voters. Many polled agree that there is a War on Women - some more so than others.

the poll of 1000 likely voters, conducted in October, asked respondents via telephone if they agree or disagree with the following statement:

"Lawmakers in Washington have been engaging in a War on Women, by taking away women's rights to contraception, denying equal pay for equal work, and curbing a woman's right to choose."

The poll results, some of which can be seen in this infographic, make clear that issues regarding women’s rights are a concern for many voters in the 2012 election.

Among the Results

  • 63% of those satisfied with the direction of the US agree that there is a War on Women.
  • 45% of all people polled agree that there is a War on Women.
  • 54% of Independent women voters agree that there’s a War on Women.
  • When it comes to education there is no difference among college and non-college graduate men (40% for both) but among women, college educated women (52%) are more likely than non-college educated women (47%) to believe there is a War on Women.

Party Lines

  • Though the majority of liberal people agree that there's a War on Women, surprisingly more liberal men (71%) agree than liberal women (68%).
  • 49% of voters in Obama States (2008) agree while just 36% of voters in McCain states agree.
  • 51% of voters in Base Democrat states agree that there is a War on Women as do 46% of voters in Swing States and just 37% of voters in base Republican States.
  • 62% of Democrats polled agree there is a War on Women.
  • 55% of moderate women agree that there is a War on Women, while 46% of moderate men agree.
  • Republican men (18% agree), women (27% agree), and independent men (39% agree) are not on board with the concept.
  • Independent women are much more likely to feel there is a War on Women (54%) as are Democratic men (61%), and women (63%).
  • 66% of likely voters who say they plan to vote for Obama agree that there is a War on Women as opposed to 21% of Romney supporters.
  • 67% of likely voters who plan to vote for Democrat candidates this election agree that there is War on Women while 23% who plan to vote for a Republican candidate disagree.

Age & Gender

  • Younger women, under 45, are the most likely age group to feel that they are under attack at 55%.
  • 45% of women ages 65+ agree.
  • 41% of men think there is a War On Women vs 51% who disagree.
  • 49% of women agree there's a War on Women while 44% disagree.

Gender and Race

More black men (67%) agree that there's a war on women than any other race:

  • 67% - Black men
  • 63% - Hispanic women
  • 62% - Black women
  • 47% - White women
  • 39% - White men
  • 33% - Hispanic men

Likely voters in the following regions agree that there's a war on women:

  • 55% - NE/Mid Atlantic
  • 52% - Great Lakes
  • 42% - Pacific
  • 41% - South
  • 36% - Midwest/Mountain

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